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Meanwhile at the workshop...

Written on 10/19/2011

Written on 08/26/2011

Alan Thomson came to pick up his bass

Right after the Guitar Show, Alan Thomson came to take home his HOS Zebra bass. The first gig was held a few nights later in Glasgow.

Written on 08/20/2010

The Show Room


I try to present a large setting of instruments in the show room, so that you can come and try out the instruments. This makes it possible for you to test instruments, as well as experiment on different mikings, neck profiles, radiuses, scales and different wood combinations, etc. This helps a great deal while designing your custom instrument, because even when you have a clear idea of what you want, sometimes things can be done even better in some other way. This also helps us both to get a clear idea of what is about to be made. Every instrument I make is unique, also my own models can be customized according to your wishes.

You're welcome to come and give my instruments a go!


Written on 08/20/2010

Tampere Guitar Show

The first Guitar Show for the instrument makers was held during the annual Tampere Guitar Festival this year. The show was a welcomed idea that I'd like to see carried on in the future.

Written on 08/18/2010