Luthier Henry O Salo


HOS handmade guitars

Every musician is unique. Their instrument should reflect this. Your instrument should fit your hand like a glove and it should be made using only materials of the highest quality.

The process of making an instrument gives it a shape and a soul. A luthiers distinctive signature can be heard and felt in each handcrafted instrument they create. These characteristics make up a unique instrument.

When you order a custom instrument you can choose its type, materials and components, even it's neck profile. You'll get exactly the kind of an instrument you have always wanted!

You can order handmade electric, orchestral, jazz, acoustic and bass guitars from the workshop. All instruments can be customized to your needs based on the traditional models or any of the own models of HOS handmade guitars. The instrument can also be made to match your own ideas. You can also bring your instrument to the workshop for repair, restoration or modding.

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